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When you are craving a lighter lunch, these delicious homemade sandwiches are an elegant and easy option. Delightful fresh homemade sauce provides a best flavor, making it an ideal choice on warmer days when you will be enjoying lunch outdoors.

We use high quality ingredients in our own sandwiches. We have a long list of specialty sandwich menus, including Chicken with homemade sauce, Boiled Egg with mayonnaise, Chicken with mustard, Veggies with cheeses and more.

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In our shop we stock a range of the bread, cakes and confectionery to order, along with cake boards and boxes to buy.

  • Premium services and beyond your expectation
  • We strive to keep a good selection of our products in store
  • Our talented bakers also make customized celebration cakes
  • We have a takeaway menu offering breakfast delights

The shop is open Monday to Friday from 8am-7pm.

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We have all your favorite traditional bread, 7 days a week! You can choose from a rich variety of cookies, pastries and cakes.

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We specialize in custom cakes for all occasions. You can choose from a variety of designs to create the perfect cake for you.

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Fresh Juices

Choose from a variety of fruits and veggies to make your favorite juice. You can also enjoy a simple fresh squeezed orange juice.

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We do catering all from weddings to business functions. We offer our authentic food to be simply delivered, or we can serve it for you.

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Smile Truck

Our new awesome team will be hitting the streets with our best picked up goodies for you and much more.

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From elegant wedding cakes to delicious gift baskets, we can help you create a perfect and unique wedding.

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AllBrown BreadEgg & Vega White BreadToasted Bread


Chicken Mayonnaise with homemade source.

د.إ 6.50


Turkey mortadella sandwich with fresh vegetable and cheese

د.إ 12.50


Turkey mortadella sandwich with fresh vegetable and cheese

د.إ 7.50


Fresh vegetable with cheese and toasted bread

د.إ 6.00


Omelet Sandwich with fruit and avocado

د.إ 5.00


Chicken mortadella with fresh vegetables and cheese

د.إ 20.10


Cream cheese with ketchup

د.إ 10.00


Brown bread tuna sandwich with mix vegetables

د.إ 5.50

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